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Ecosystem Platform Support with AmniSphere

Set up and integrate without needing a dedicated display or user interface. Streamline your connection to the IoT ecosystem and save time and resources.

Deploy Your Software and AI RunTime-Models into your network.

Our IoT Security fortifies to safeguard your production environment

We employ AES128-bit encryption for transit data security and AES256-bit encryption for data security at rest.

Utilizing reverse proxy in our technology stack negates the need to open firewall ports. We use standard HTTPS with the latest TLS Security.

Choose from any hardware  pre-certified by Amniscient to guarantee reliability and performance.

Offline Mode Compatibility

Use your AI models and applications offline, independent of internet access.

Exploring the value of Edge AI

Edge AI deploys AI models directly on smartphones, IoT devices, drones, or embedded systems, enabling real-time processing and autonomous decision-making without constant internet access or cloud resources. AmniGadget improves efficiency, reduces latency, conserves bandwidth, and enhances privacy across diverse applications. 

Device Observation

Stay up-to-date with real-time monitoring capabilities and obtain insights into your connected devices.

Ensure a comprehensive perspective of your IoT network and easily take charge.

Explore integration solutions for MQTTS, enabling connectivity with your Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure.

MQTTS is a secure version of the MQTT protocol used for communication between devices, adding encryption to ensure data confidentiality and protection against unauthorized access.

Interface-less deployable solution

Features a management portal for deploying and monitoring devices.


Allows for runtime models, presenting a cost-efficient alternative to Cloud-based AI model execution.

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