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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Our products hold numerous proprietary advantages, prominently featuring the patent-pending AmniEngine AI Engine. This advanced technology delivers unmatched value, accelerating model development in hours or days without the typical high costs associated with Deep Learning technology. With Amniscient,  you'll save both time and money.

  • AmniEngine is an adaptable engine engineered to scale and adjust according to diverse requirements, providing a range of AI neural capacities and capabilities to address various use cases.

  • Generative AI Synthetic data is valuable because it enhances real-world data when training machine learning models. Traditionally, synthetic data is generated manually using 3D models in virtual environments, resulting in low accuracy,  precision, and confidence levels. However, Amniscient's synthetic data achieves an exceptional confidence level of 99%, elevating the reliability and effectiveness of model training to new heights.

  • Currently, we specialize in object training and detection. Looking ahead, we  are expanding our services to include audio and identity training and detection  with facial and kinesthetic recognition.

  •  At Amniscient, we don’t limit your creativity with a fixed list of categories. Our  platform is designed to support a wide range of open concepts for classification.  Whether it's standard categories or unique, novel classifications you develop, our  engine is flexible and ready to handle it. Our technology is equipped to bring any  of your use cases to life.

  • Object detection in computer vision has two types: stationary object detection and motion-based object detection. Amniscient can support both.

    Stationary Object Detection  

    This method identifies and locates objects in static environments, where both the background and camera remain unchanged. It effectively distinguishes objects based on their visual characteristics, without the need for any movement.

    Motion-based Object Detection  

    This method detects objects by analyzing their movement across video frames, using changes between frames to identify moving entities (All three things are moving, Background, Camera and Object).


  • With AmniSphere, collecting, labeling, AI annotation, and building AI models becomes effortless, guaranteeing an initial output accuracy, precision, and confidence of 99%.

  • There's no limit to the number of users you can have collecting  simultaneously, but the number of seats available is restricted based on the tiered account selection.

  • Amnitation is a single process initiation that automates labeling, annotation, and synthetic data generation, exceeding industry standards and providing more viable and robust data.

  • At Amniscient, the accuracy of labeling objects is crucial and rests with the  end user. Our system will identify objects based on the labels you provide. For  instance, if you label a carrot as a coffee cup, our system will continue to  recognize it as a coffee cup. It is important to label objects correctly, as  mislabeling can lead to false positives. Please ensure accuracy in your labeling to  get the best results from our technology.

  • AmniGadget is a budget-friendly solution for an offline-capable IoT device that operates without a display, leading to decreased cloud expenses for AI model detection outcomes. Its built-in reverse proxy eliminates the need for firewall configuration management.


  • - BYOD Collector SDK for easy data collection.

    - We provide a Low-Code solution for RESTful API Integration


  • We adhere to industry-leading standards in business operations, such as ISO  27001, GDPR, and SOC2 Compliance (currently pending), ensuring robust security  measures.

  • We utilize Stripe, a PCI-DSS compliant payment solution, guaranteeing the safety and security of your  transactions.

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